Sonke Faltien

Sonke Faltien is a London based artist who graduated from the Slade School of Art in 2006. He has shown his work internationally, including exhibitions at the ICA, Whitechapel Cafe Gallery, Liverpool Independents Biennial, and, most recently a short film 'Queensway' at Kunstverein Loitz, Germany.

Working primarily in photography and film, he is interested in ways societies change the landscape to accommodate their needs.
He looks for specific places where changes within a society become visible, as the modification of land is often connected to events and developments stemming from political or economic change. These places have an impact not only on the local area they dominate but often represent situations and trends that concern the wider society within which they are based. His visual work represents his view and experiences of the place, and also refers to the historical or contextual background of the situation.

For the L&M exhibition he will present some new photographic work - 'Unfinished Business' which considers the recent ring road development in Giza.