'Then, far, remote, through rocky pathless crags, over wild hills that bristled with great woods, I thence arrived to where the Gorgon dwelt. Along the way, in fields and by the roads, I saw on all sides men and animals--like statues--turned to flinty stone at sight of dread Medusa's visage. Nevertheless reflected on the brazen shield, I bore upon my left, I saw her horrid face. When she was helpless in the power of sleep and even her serpent-hair was slumber-bound, I struck, and took her head sheer from the neck.--To winged Pegasus the blood gave birth, his brother also, twins of rapid wing'
Ovid - 'Metamorphoses'

The photograph above was taken at the Medusa shoot, which took place in North Norfolk last weekend. The film will be shown for the first time at the L&M exhibition. The film, by Barbie Lawrie, Agathe Finney and Daisy MacDonald, is an interpretation of the mythological story, and focuses on themes of transformation and horror conveyed through landscape.