Una Hamilton Helle

Una Hamilton is a Norwegian artist, soon to graduate from the Royal College of Art. She has contributed to a number of London based group exhibitions, most notably Hal Silver at the Russian Club studios in Nov 2009. In 2007 she exhibited work at the Center for Design and Architecture in Oslo. She also regularly co-curates exhibitions with the group Five Storey Projects, which has recently included a run of events at the David Roberts Art Foundation.

Una's work meditates upon ideas considered to be on the periphery of accepted thought. She is intrigued by the pockets of “alternative” ideas that develop on the side of society and how they often develop a complex code of ideas and value systems of their own. They often disregard and reject commonly accepted facts and behavioural patterns, whilst inventing new forms of truth, sometimes through conscious and willing self-deceit in a bid to create meaning.

By engaging with these topics in an art context she hopes to generate discussion about how we perceive and judge the world around us, and question the rigidity and elasticity of our inherent beliefs and systems of thought. By engaging with views that lie outside of “ordinary” knowledge she hopes the viewers of her work might open themselves up to a more interesting engagement with the world.

The image above is taken from her 'Ley Lines Series', shown at the recent Hal Silver exhibition.