Ruth Martindale

Ruth Martindale is a London based artist who graduated with a MA from Wimbledon in 2008.
Ruth has exhibited in London and across the UK recent shows include (N)Everland at the Nunnery in Bow London and Tales from the Electric Forest at the Crypt Gallery St Pancras, Ruth was recently awarded the Ellesmere Sculpture Scholarship and undertook a three month long project in Shropshire which culminated in an two part exhibition in Qube gallery and outside at Ellesmere Lake. Ruth is also a member of the Post artists group who organise events which focus on alternatively sited artworks. There most recent project Signs of Life, was a two part event that featured an alternative tour of Colliers Wood, London and an exhibition in a derelict house in Liverpool.
Ruth’s work explores the history and uses of places and objects, exploring traditional and invented technologies manufacture and crafts.
Her current body of work explores the idea of a forest or woodland as a place that is entwined into British history. In the past it was a very obvious part of our existence, vital for food, fuel, building materials and medicines, and was the home to spirits, fairy tales, mysterious, dangerous and dark happenings. Today its air of mystery and the unknown still lingers.
Ruth is also fascinating by the process of making and in this work and is currently looking at the use of natural materials within a woodland, researching into the forgotten, and investigating the yet unknown uses of different plants.